Sound Emporium Studio

Cosmic Dave combines the easygoing casual atmospere of an old fashioned "on the road" diner with a state of the art recording studio. 2 isolation rooms and the diner/store make up the tracking rooms... so, if you prefer a booth, you dont HAVE TO track at the breakfast bar (though, we recommend it!).

And the bacon & eggs of it is, at Dave's you can track analog! We have a 2" 24 channel tape machine and a full 32 channel mixing console.

Give us a call for details.

Base rates & booking policy:
$30 per hour (minimum 4 hrs)
50% deposit required to book time
NOTE- this is for studio time only, studio engineer
is extra... email below for engineering rate details

We can also do Daily/Weekly rates or whatever works for you. Contact Dave, our in-house
engineer for the hungry man special.

AMEK Angela 32 channel console
NCI 24 channel 2" tape machine
Avalon U5 Compressor
Universal Audio 1176LN
NEUMANN U87 microphone
Electro Harmonix EH1 Ribbon Mic
AKG, Shure, Rode, Blue Ball, Sennheiser microphones
full size upright Heintzmann piano

luke sellen luke(@)
brian dunn / bd(@)
mark browning / mb(@)

news: Exclusive BRIAN MAY GUITARS Coming Soon!