Guitar Emporium

Cosmic Dave welcomes you to his Emporium of musical curiosities... if its interesting, Dave’s got it. if its neat, Dave can get it. if YOU’VE got it, Dave can sell it for you.

Cosmic Dave’s sells vintage and new instruments of all shapes and sizes- for everyone. So, if you’re a professional vagabond musician looking for that special lifelong guitar, try us. or, if you’re a kid just starting out- we’ll get you the perfect guitar...

either way, we’ll be nice, and we’ll be honest, and we’ll answer your questions without looking at you funny. we’re musicians too and we’re here to help.

stuff we sell:

Electro-Harmonix, Dunlop, MXR, BBE, Wampler, Z-vex, Devi-Ever

D’Addario, Martin, Elixir, Electro-Harmonix, Eastwood, Thomastik, GHS, Dean Markley, Augustine

Guitars (new):
Larivee, Eastwood, Sparrow, Crafter, Eastman, Airline, Brian May Guitars

Amps (new):
Jack Amps, Delta, Kustom

Fishman pickups, Dean Markley pickups, B-band pickups, Grover, Kluson

Dave makes an effort to stock unusual or hard to find instruments/amps like, Baritone guitars, Mandolins, 12 String guitars (especially electric), Electromandolins, Banjos, Hollowbody Guitars, Ukeleles, Vintage Catalogue Guitars (ie. Harmony, Silvertone, Stella, etc.) tube/valve amps, weird keyboards, and stoner studio gear.

consignment rate: you get 80% of selling price

brian dunn
/ (705) 222-6862
/ bd(@)

news: Exclusive BRIAN MAY GUITARS Coming Soon!